Universe Hexapla character
Vienna Masaki/Ye
Also known as: Bunny Queen, Sealed Fairy, Lost Queen of Black Mana, Returned Queen of Black Mana, Seated Queen of Black Mana, Mrs. Masaki
Franchise: Tales of Alchemilia
Appears in: Rosaceae Gakuen: A School to Save The World
Character type: Aether Mage, Chanter
Affiliation: Red Cloaks, Ye Family
Mana Affinities: Aether, Black Mana, Void Mana
Gender: Female
Birthday: 12/21/2040
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 41 kg
Blood type: AB-
Place of Origin: Ivory Island
Armament: Grey Scarf of Abraxas
Likes: Salmon Ikura Don, Bunnies, Oranges
Dislikes: Cakes
Talents: Martial Arts, Cast Stamina
Family: Takeo Masaki (husband),

Takeshi Masaki (father-in-law), Ryan Ye (brother), Estelle Ye (cousin), Lily Ye (mother), Hiroto Ye (father)

Mana Color: Silver
Bloodline: Ye Family
Mage Rank: The Physical Truth
Magecraft: Negation, Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny, Fuuinjutsu, Absolute Physical Modification, Incantations, Seated Queen of Black Mana
Aptitude: Plus Tendency
Cast Speed: 10/100
Cast Frequency: 1/100
Cast Stamina: ∞/100
Processing Ability: 100/100
Addresses self as: Vienna
Strong against: Melee
Weak against: Ranged

Vienna Ye (later known as Vienna Masaki), was a major belligerent in the Second Great Magic War during Rosaceae Prime and one of the Legendary Six. She is the daughter of Lily Ye, the Progenitor of Magic and also the eldest Heiress to the Ye Family. Before the Second Great Magic War, Vienna enrolled in Rosaceae Gakuen with her brother Ryan Ye, the second-in-line of the Ye Family.


Vienna usually remains calm and cheerful regardless of the situation. She regularly makes quips and jokes in the midst of combat; however, she holds a great resentment to those who condescend others and will not hesitate to defend the oppressed. Although her ideas can sometimes be controversial or downright twisted but she always means well.



From birth, Vienna possessed an abnormally large Mana Pool, causing her to inadvertently store massive quantities of Mana instinctively into her body. Her mother, Lily Ye, recognized this as a large issue that may prevent her maturation as Mana contained properties required to make the Elixir of Life. Knowing this, Vienna was given a special Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (PRS) named the "Grey Scarf of Abraxas" which was capable of limiting her Mana Pool and the amount of Mana she could utilize internally. Because of this, Vienna became known as the Sealed Fairy who could not cast any spells without reciting their Incantations.

Later, Vienna was named as the "Lost Queen of Black Mana" by the Red Cloaks. This was the result of the way the Black Mana reacted during her Awakening, as her body voraciously devoured the Black Mana ceaselessly until all of the surrounding Black Mana had been absorbed.

Early Years

During Vienna's childhood, she was personally taught by her mother in the arts of Magic which she excelled at. It was also during these years where she learned the Ye Family's secret techniques "Five Steps to Death" to compensate for her sealed Cast Speed and Cast Frequency, making her a combat-oriented Mage. It was also during this time that Vienna gained a liking for Salmon Ikura Don.

Enrollment Into Rosaceae Gakuen

At the age of sixteen, Vienna was enrolled into one of the first Magic Schools in the world and the only Magic School in Central: Rosaceae Gakuen. Along with her brother, Ryan Ye, Vienna participated in the entrance and placement exams where she managed to score the highest on the written portion with a perfect score, but one of the lowest in the practical portion, causing her to be placed in the Thorn Class. Upon enrollment, Vienna and the Thorn Class were forced to journey into the school storehouse in order to retrieve their desks and classroom materials. It was during this period that she met a fellow Thorn classmate by the name of Soren von Edelweiss who would later become one of her closest friends. On the journey to retrieve their materials, Vienna and the Thorn Class were forced to fight a giant guard golem which she had only barely managed to defeat via pulling out the Mana Core of the golem.

Afterwards, Vienna met a student by the name of Celia who later played a pivotal role in the Rosaceae First Magic Tournament. It was also during a break in the cafeteria following this incident where she met Takeo Masaki, a Rose Class Mage who had forgot to bring lunch. This encounter allowed Vienna to establish more connections within the Rose Class as the time for the Placement Tournament drew near.

Placements and the First Tournament

During the Placements, Vienna did not participate; however, Takeo, Ryan, and another Rose Mage, Kasai, managed to defeat the entire Rose Class but were disqualified, placing them all at the bottom ranks and most eligible for demotion. During this time, Vienna simply trained or aided her companions in their studies.

At the Placement Exams, Vienna placed second alongside Takeo, who forced her to use the "Five Steps to Death" technique after she unveiled her true strength by casting with Incantations, demonstrating her immense Processing Ability and expertise in utilizing External Mana to preform Magic due to her circumstances as a child. However, all the final contestants are defeated by Celia as she knocks them all out with a rock after she comes out of hiding.

The Red Chalice


Vienna, 16

After the events of the Placement Tournament, Vienna is promoted to the Rose Class along with the other members of the top ten in the tournament. Once in the Rose Class, the class was instructed to form a group with other students in order to raid a Dungeon near the school for the purpose of retrieving an artifact known as the Red Chalice. When Vienna and her group ventured into the Dungeon, they encountered various obstacles mostly in the form of Magical traps and various animated golems or warriors designed to keep others from intruding into the Dungeon. Ultimately, Vienna's group managed to defeat the defenses of the Dungeon and ended up in the Core Room where the Red Chalice was held; however, they were immediately confronted by a being known as a Nachzehrer which was capable of absorbing all forms of Mana. Eventually, Vienna and the group managed to defeat the Nachzehrer via unconventional means and retrieve the Red Chalice, but not without encountering a high-ranking member of The Fellowship known as The Voice Of Death. Luckily, the powerful parents of some of the group members arrived on the scene to push back The Voice Of Death and force his retreat.

After securing the Red Chalice, they activate it and find out that it is actually an extremely sophisticated program capable of modifying the world itself with its Magic known as Cerridwen. As Cerridwen introduced itself and granted the group ten wishes, only two were used by Takeo who increased his reflexes and Kasai Masato who removed the limiters on his brain. Vienna refused any wishes, as she felt that it was not necessary to wish for anything more than she already possessed. With the Red Chalice safe in the hands of the Rosaceae Gakuen Librarians, Vienna merely passed her days with her newfound friends.

Breaking a Friend Out of Jail

With the first semester of school freshly finished, Vienna is in a fairly lax state until the school administration allows for all students to descend from the floating school and venture the reclaimed lands beneath in Central. As Vienna and friends walk along the various shops and streets outside in Central, they eventually reach the slums where the victims of the First Great Magic War were attempting to eke out a living. Unfortunately, Kasai had been insulted by one of the homeless and lashed out at him, causing the appearance of the District Lord and his police force. As Kasai is arrested and shipped off to a maximum security holding facility, the Red Cloaks arrive on the scene and slaughter the police and the Lord as well. It is during this time that Celia is revealed to be part of the Red Cloaks who was in disguise in order to find talented recruits at Rosaceae. Following a speech by the leader of the Red Cloaks, Sebastien, Vienna and her friends decide to trust the Red Cloaks in order to save Kasai.

Soon thereafter, Vienna undergoes the ritual of Awakening and becomes hailed as the second coming of the "Lost Queen of Black Mana", giving her the ability to absorb Black Mana in any form. Additionally, her friends had also underwent Awakenings as well and given their respective titles, solidifying their positions as Red Cloaks. Vienna then journeyed to the base where Kasai was held in an attempt to free him with the help of her friends and succeed in helping him exit the compound; however, the forces garrisoned at the base proved to be too powerful for them to handle even with the power of Black Mana as the local Regent Master, Charlotte Kampfer, possessed a legendary PRS capable of firing an enormous attack of pure destruction. Fortunately for them, Kasai's father, Regent Master Haze Masato managed to appear and decimate the enemy forces. The events were then followed by a surprise visit from Neku Ye, one of the Six Gods who managed to cover up the entire incident with his astounding political power.

Vienna then escorted Kasai to the base of the Red Cloaks with her friends and were immediately briefed by Sebastien regarding the current state of affairs in Central. It was Vienna's understanding that there was a giant Arcane Circle created underneath Central, which would cause all the residents to vaporize and become part of the King's power. It was clear that there was an unknown element of corruption in Central and that it needed to be weeded out, causing Vienna and her friends to embark on a two year journey to train and gain strength before challenging the King.



Vienna, 18, after gaining Bunny Spirit Powers

After returning from her training, Vienna had gained strange abilities capable of mimicking the physiology of a rabbit with various obvious enhancements to the ability. After a brief reunion with her friends, Vienna journeyed to the heart of Central in order to defeat the King of Central. Clearing the entire distance from the Red Cloak base and the royal palace of Central in a single jump, Vienna crashed into the palace with her friends and began wreaking havoc. It was evident that the two years had changed them much and their powers had grown to the point where even the Elite Royal Mages were easily dealt with by their powers. Vienna and her friends eventually fought their way to the throne room where they were confronted by the King's chamberlain who was promptly defeated before fighting the King himself, who held an artifact known as The King's Cross, which was capable of creating a barrier that was nearly impenetrable and forcibly controlling others in their vicinity. As they began losing against the King and their deaths nearing every second, two mysterious entities calling themselves Two and Candy appeared and killed the King with relative ease before disappearing.

Following the death of the King, Vienna held a major speech which spoke of returning power to the oppressed people, turning Central into a Republic. Despite this, much of the cities were destroyed and a large repair job was to be had. During this time, Vienna participated actively in the rebuilding of Central with her expert culinary skill and boundless physical strength. It was even once told that the entire four-hundred floor library spire was built by her alone in four hours, taking only an hour for every one-hundred floors, making her a permanent founder of what was then known as New Central.

Clandestine Mission to Khyborn

After the reconstruction of New Central, Vienna and her friends were recalled to the Red Cloak's base only to be briefed by Neku regarding a new mission. Due to the recent events of Central -which used to be the linchpin of the world's state of temporary peace among the brewing of the Second Great Magic War- their military power and jurisdiction was greatly weakened, causing conflict to spark among the international community. Thus, as one of the strongest group of Mages, Vienna and her friends were sent to the distant land of Khyborn in the West for the purpose of aiding a peace-sympathetic ruler in East Khyborn. As Vienna and her group were en route to the foreign land, they encountered a large sea creature known as Oceanus, an ancient Old God sealed away by Lily Ye due to its transgressions against nature. After Vienna and her friends manage to weaken Oceanus enough, an enormous creature known only as the Sea Cow appeared to devour and seal away Oceanus again, stating that it had repaid its old debt to Lily. Afterwards, Vienna and her friends safely ended their voyage to Khyborn and met with the commander of the Black Dogs, elite Mages of Khyborn who briefed them on a mission regarding their sinister neighbours, The Dominion, who were sympathizers with major aggressors in the sparking of the Second Great Magic War. During the mission, they were sent as undercover students to The Dominion's Magic Academy and despite Vienna's best efforts to keep the mission as concealed as possible, her companions managed to draw the attention of the school faculty which led to Vienna and her group confronting the principal of the school. After a brief struggle, they managed to subdue and capture the principal, bringing him back to Khyborn for interrogation.

Aiding the War Effort Between Khyborn and The Dominion

Due to the actions of Vienna's companions, The Dominion now publicly declared war on Khyborn and the situation was dire as The Dominion's forces far outnumbered that of Khyborn's. Luckily, the mysterious entities that appeared during their battle with Central's King appeared; however, this time a new entity had arrived, calling herself One. During the war against Khyborn and The Dominion, an enormous conflict occurred which led to the complete annihilation of the landmass known as Central Dominion, winning the war temporarily. As a result, Vienna and her companions were given a new task in order to finalize Khyborn's victory over The Dominion. They were to journey to Western Dominion which was the last bastion of the enemy's influence and destabilize their condition enough such that Khyborn could force them into a treaty which would cause their land to be ceded and annexed. However, due to the events of the war, use of force was strictly forbidden this time as they departed to Western Dominion.

As they arrived at Western Dominion, they played the parts of a noble and his entourage with Ryan playing the role of the noble. During their time there, they discovered that The Dominion was actually just an extension of Edelweiss rule and through a series of events, wrested power from the former Prince and Heir of the Western Dominion, Harold von Edelweiss which allowed Vienna to play a pivotal role in the forced ceding of the Western Dominion's land by first negotiating a trade agreement followed by an administration merge, causing the King of Khyborn to become the ruling figure of what would soon be known as the Khyborn Dominion.

Division of Loyalties

After Vienna solidified political standings between the royalty and nobility in both Khyborn and the Western Dominion, aiding in the creation of a new government and a centralized capital, she journeyed with her companions to Central Aemona, an allied state of Khyborn, in order to stop the subterfuge of their neighbours, the Sorphin Khanate. However, when Vienna and her companions arrived, they discovered that their contacts had been assassinated by Mages sent from the Sorphin Khanate. Upon being ambushed by these assassins, Vienna and her group easily dispatched the assassins and against better judgement, decided to attack and destroy the Sorphin Khanate, confronting quadrillions of soldiers on their own. After a long-winded battle, Vienna and her compatriots managed to pull off a victory that would later be known as the Red Sea's Consequence due to the amount of blood that was shed that day. Despite such a victory, the Great Khan Xaras Ihe Khaan challenged Vienna and her friends, causing a battle of immense proportions which led to Mana Pollution within the entire continent of Aemona, causing it to be devoid of life. Thereafter, a strange airship landed before them before a man disembarked, calling himself the God Emperor Sin von Edelweiss and threatening to execute one of Ryan's loved ones he had taken hostage if he did not become a


Vienna as the Returned Queen of Black Mana

servant of the Holy Cyn Empire. After a moment of emotion, Ryan was forced to follow Sin with Takeo following suit in order to keep Ryan's loyalties in check. Vienna could not accept this as she had fallen in love with Takeo during the course of their journeys; however, and attempted to defeat Sin, removing all her seals and becoming the "Returned Queen of Black Mana" briefly. Despite Vienna's efforts Sin proved too powerful and nearly killed Vienna if not for her ability to cheat death once at the cost of her Bunny Magic.


Five years later, Vienna had managed to discover a new Magic that slept deep within her and awoke to a state known as the "Seated Queen of Black Mana", giving her control of nearly every source of Mana in her vicinity and the ability to generate petal-like constructs which were comprised of both Black Mana and Aether Mana capable of erasing


Vienna as the Seated Queen of Black Mana

Phenomena and Matter on touch. It was also at this time that the Holy Cyn Empire declared war on Central and wreaked havoc. With great coincidence, Takeo and Ryan were assigned as the leaders of the first strike force against Central and upon discovering Vienna's survival, switched sides immediately. After repelling the forces of the Holy Cyn Empire, Vienna and her friends reunited and returned to the Holy Cyn Empire to rescue the hostage that Sin had took for use against Ryan. With their combined strength, Vienna and her companions managed to defeat Sin and completely decimate the entire continent, leaving not a single soul alive in the Holy Cyn Empire. Following these events, Vienna had confessed her love to Takeo who reciprocated her feelings. As such, they soon held a wedding ceremony and became husband and wife. This happiness did not last long though, as a sudden and unexplained attack from aliens brought forth a great swathe of destruction that tarnished the entire planet whereas Vienna and her friends were captured, their fates currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Vienna was among one of the most powerful Mages on Rosaceae Prime despite the lack of her use of force. She possessed a myriad of abilities before her awakening and was capable of reciting Incantations thought to be thousands of year lost in the vicissitudes of history. She was also a highly trained combatant in multiple martial arts and capable of subduing a large number of Mages without the use of Magic. The amount of Mana her body could store was seemingly limitless and although her Mana Pool was restricted for most of her life, she was later able to expel a limitless amount of Mana as well, making her the strongest Mage in history if only in regards to raw power.


Aether Magic: Vienna was highly skilled in using her naturally attuned element and was capable of creating many constructs with her magic. She had several techniques:

  • Deity-Piercing Dimension Spear (刺神真理枪): Vienna generates a Mana spear with an approximate length of two meters and throws it with such force that the Mana causes a distortion of Phenomena as it travels. On contact, the spear destabilizes and causes a large explosion of Mana. Vienna can also use this to deflect or destroy an opponent's spells and also hold it to use as a melee weapon.
  • Dimension-Splitting Wave (推苍穹的手): Vienna thrusts her palms out and expels Mana, causing any spells or objects that the Mana contacts to be vaporized or deflected.
  • Nine Heaven Spear Gate (九神枪门): Vienna generates a large amount of Mana Spears that shoot forwards at whatever she points to. The spears have the same effect at the Deity-Piercing Dimension Spears.
  • Nine Sunlight Traps (九阳封印): Vienna generates nine orbs of Mana that create a temporarily impassable barrier.
  • The Entrance of Hell Resides on Earth (地狱在地上): Vienna generates a large array of magic circles that appear before her. Once she taps one of the magic circles, they all gather and condense Mana in their centers before firing large beams of destructive Aether Mana towards her opponent.

Bunny Spirit: At an unknown time during her journeys, Vienna acquired the soul of the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny which allowed her to further bolster her physical strength and also gave her various abilities:

  • Bunny❤ Jump~!❤: Vienna first crouches down to gather Mana and potential energy into her legs before pushing off the ground, usually resulting in the ground to shatter and collapse under the force of her jump. The maximum distance of this jump is able to propel her once around the globe.
  • Bunny❤ Kick!!/(>×<)\: Vienna channels Mana into her leg and kicks forwards with a speed that breaks the sound barrier. The force of the kick is able to disintegrate most of her targets or at least damage them heavily. It is noted that this kick allowed her to temporarily destroy the barrier formed by the King's Cross.
  • ❤Bunny Whirlwind❤/(˃ᆺ˂)\: Vienna partially awakens the soul of the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny, allowing her to defy gravity. During this state, she is able to move faster than light and deliver attacks that exert forces beyond what the Universal Constants allow.
  • Bunny❤ Beam~!!!! /(≧ x ≦)\: Vienna channels Mana through her bunny ears and creates a sphere of Mana between them which is then infused with power from the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny, causing it to turn pink. She then shoots a beam that is capable of negating other Magics and causing any people hit by it to be pacified immediately.
  • Bunny❤ Constitution: Vienna's physical body is merged with the soul of the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny, allowing her to withstand forces and movement beyond the limits of the Universal Constants.

    Vienna as a Bunny

  • The Eternal Bunny❤ Descends Again~!: Vienna temporarily enters a dormant state where she fully awakens the soul of the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny in her prime condition. During this state, she is completely vulnerable to external influences and can be killed as easily as a regular bunny. In addition, she also transforms into a bunny.
  • The Eternal Bunny❤ Descends Again?!?!: Vienna becomes one with the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny and gains an immense boost in all areas. She also becomes able to grab and crush Mana regardless of its form as if it were a solid object. In addition, Vienna is able to generate impenetrable barriers and also devour Mana before regurgitating it with double the effects.

    Vienna after she awakens from The Eternal Bunny❤ Descends Again~!

  • Bunny's❤ Last Respite/(=´x`=)\: After experiencing a mortal wound, the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny sacrifices itself in order to trade for Vienna's life.

Incantations: Due to Vienna's condition as a child and her subsequent sealing, she became well-versed in many different Incantation-based Magics and was able to preform Magic that was thought to be long lost.

  • Bare Skin - True Self: This Incantation allowed Vienna to seal away one's Mana Pool or even one's Aura. Depending on her intent, Vienna could use it to permanently seal away a Mage's Mana Pool.
  • Gate of Hell's Seals: This Incantation created four seals that rotated rapidly around Vienna, sealing away any Phenomena Interference around her.
  • Pharoah's Last Breath: This Incantation seals away all Phenomena Interference of a certain type and prevents it from being used again until the seal is lifted.
  • Revolving Cannon of Heaven: This Incantation allows Vienna to fire forth a huge blast of golden energy. It is not sure if this energy is Mana or some other form of energy, but it is noted that the energy is highly destructive and tampers with the forces of Time as matter hit by it is rapidly aged and disintegrated.
  • Unnamed Incantation: Vienna points towards the sky and a multitude of Mana bolts explode forth, spraying around her.
  • Snow Princess' Damnation: This Incantation causes a constant large stream of silver Mana bolts to pour forth from Vienna's finger. She is able to redirect the beam by moving her finger and the Incantation ends when she cuts off the supply of Mana.
  • Thousand Bird Soul Rending Snow: One of the most powerful Incantations Vienna used. It generates giant Magic Circles above the target strike zone and unleashes an enormous bolt of pure destructive Mana upon the area once Vienna points upwards. The Mana is capable of large-scale Phenomena destruction and is noted to have destroyed the Auto-Shields created and maintained by Lily Ye.

Black Mana: As the "Lost Queen of Black Mana", Vienna was able to dominate and control Black Mana in a vicinity around her. In addition to the regular Black Mana control, Vienna was also able to wrest Black Mana control away from others and also prevent others from utilizing Black Mana. After becoming the "Returned Queen of Black Mana", Vienna was able to convert all forms of Mana around her into Black Mana and subsequently control it. As the "Seated Queen of Black Mana", Vienna was able to not only convert all forms of Mana around her into Black Mana, but also exert the dominance she had over Black Mana on other forms of Mana in her vicinity. She could also generate a mixture of Black and Aether Mana, called "Void Mana" which resembled petals. It was able to deconstruct and disintegrate any Phenomena or Matter it came into contact with.

Physical Abilities

Enhanced Body Conditioning: Vienna is known to have trained her body at a young age and thus possesses the physique of a fit teenage girl. She is also extremely flexible and possesses enough strength to reach a load limit of 1 ton without Magical assistance.

  • Bunny❤ Constitution: Vienna's physical body is merged with the soul of the Eternal Crescent Moon Bunny, allowing her to withstand forces and movement beyond the limits of the Universal Constants.

Martial Arts: Vienna has trained in various forms of Martial Arts over the years and is proficient in 127 styles of Martial Arts. However, she makes prolific use of the Ye Family Martial Arts due to it blending only the most useful aspects of all Martial Arts and is also the first Martial Art to incorporate Magic into it.

  • Five Steps to Death: Vienna will take five steps with five accompanying attacks. Each attack draws the opponent closer to imminent death. The First Step neutralizes the opponent's arms while the Second Step neutralizes their legs. The Third Step neutralizes their ability to channel their breath and then the Fourth Step neutralizes their focus and prevents them from counterattacking. The Fifth and Final Step then targets a pressure point at their throat and channels Mana through it, puncturing their Mana Pool and Heart at the same time thereby killing their opponent. This technique has triggered the Auto-Shields in Rosaceae Gakuen and is the first physical based technique to do so.