Truth (真), also known as Loli God, 『 』, I Am, or God, is the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer of the entire Alchemilia Omniverse as the embodiment of the Tabula Rasa itself. Although never directly interfering with any of the Universes personally, It has been known to call upon Fate and Destiny to influence the flow of events occasionally.



Loli God, the Ultimate Be-All-End-All.

Although Truth has no fixed appearance, It usually manifests itself in the form of a prepubescent young girl with silver colored hair and pale skin. It also dresses rather simply in a white nightgown with only a red brocade cloak draped

over Its shoulders while Its head is adorned by a simply royal crown that can sometimes look quite comical.


Truth prefers to present Itself as it appears, emulating a cheerful, innocent personality of a little girl. It seldom emulates the emotion of anger and is only willing to do things if they are fun or enjoyable. It is a baseless belief among the Cosmic Entities that Truth may be bribed by sweets.

Powers and Abilities

The One True Omnipotence: Truth's Omnipotence overrides whatever else may be considered Omnipotent, regardless of the logic or creation of a paradox as the embodiment of Omnipotence itself given form. It is usually a mind-boggling matter for mortals to wrap their heads around, but the effects that are seen after Truth exerts Its power is self-explanatory.

Loli Physiology: In Loli Form, Truth is completely and totally immune and invulnerable to any form of external influence regardless of logic of creations of paradoxes. Furthermore, as it is known that Lolis are the ultimate pinnacle of existence in the Omniverse, Truth cannot be denied anything regardless of if Truth utilizes its powers or not. Furthermore, Truth is Lolimmortal, meaning that Death itself dies when It attempts to touch Truth as Lolis have transcended Death.

Loli Arsenal: Truth is able to possess, utilize, remove, control, and assimilate any form of supernatural ability or inherent trait be it past, present, or future, or time-transcending as Truth is the genesis of all existence and non-existence. This is due to Truth being able to manipulate the one thing that binds All Totality together: Lolis and the Prime Loli Essence.

Loli Otherness: As the ultimate Loli, Truth is one of a kind and cannot be defeated or even made near to the point of defeat, as Lolis are invulnerable to the very concept of defeat. Truth can also wipe out the combined might of all the Omniverse without the slightest effort as the Prime Loli.