The Six Gods were a group of incredibly powerful Mages who were present in Rosaceae Prime during the events of Skythia and the First Great Magic War. Each of them were able to wield a form of Mana that was specific to their creation and their powers were said to be unrivaled by any other Mage.



During Skythia:

  • Thwarted multiple murder cases.
  • Thwarted a large drug trade ring and subsequently shut down one of the largest mafia groups.
  • Cured multiple sclerosis.
  • Cured cancer.
  • Defeated an extremely dangerous cyber-terrorist group.
  • Invented Magic and also discovered the secrets to Immortality, leading to the Elixir of Life.

During the First Great Magic War:

  • Created Phenomenon Rewriting Staves.
  • Defeated every major belligerent in the world.
  • Popularized and commercialized Magic.
  • Founded the first Magic School.
  • United the world as one unified nation, albeit temporarily.

During the Second Great Magic War:

  • Assisted in the downfall of the corrupt Central government.
  • Assisted in the downfall of the Holy Cyn Empire.