Universe Hexapla character
Takeshi Masaki
Also known as: Death, Thanatos
Franchise: Tales of Alchemilia
Appears in: Skythia, Rosaceae Gakuen: A School to Save The World
Character type: Ascendant
Affiliation: The Six Gods
Mana Affinities: Fire, Darkness
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Armament: Thanatos' Pendant
Likes: Travelling, His family, Oranges, Apples
Talents: Indomitable Will
Family: Takeo Masaki (Son)
Bloodline: Masaki Family
Mage Rank: Wayward Traveller Who Shrouds The Dark Sun
Magecraft: Plus Tendency
Aptitude: 200/10
Cast Speed: 200/10
Cast Frequency: 200/10
Cast Stamina: 200/10
Processing Ability: 200/10
Skill: 200/10
Addresses self as: Takeshi
Strong against: All

Takeshi Masaki was a major belligerent in the First Great Magic War. He is the creator of darkness magic and can control the darkness anywhere in the whole planet, as well as a small area out of space. Takeshi is also a member of the Six Gods.


Takeshi has a free spirited and wild personality, when he was younger he liked to play virtual reality games to have an adventure. When he got older an magic got invented he travelled around every single part of the earth and moved constantly.



Takeshi was a normal kid up until he became a teenager, playing Skythia. During Skythia he had a automatically generated character who had stats that said [ERROR]. He met someone else named Lily Ye who also had a automatically generated character, she also had a male character although she was a female in real life, which was unheard of.


Takeshi when he was a teenager