Universe Hexapla character
Takeo Masaki
Also known as: Lost King of Black Mana, Seated King of Black Mana, Black Demon, Spawn of Hell, Secret Warlock, Devil
Franchise: Tales of Alchemilia
Appears in: Rosaceae Gakuen: A School to Save The World
Character type: Fire Mage, Darkness Mage
Affiliation: Red Cloaks, Legendary Six
Mana Affinities: Fire, Darkness, Black Mana
Gender: Male
Birthday: 9/10/40
Height: 5'10
Blood type: A-
Armament: Necklace of Masaki
Likes: Polar bears, Oranges
Dislikes: Mushrooms
Talents: Magic, Martial artist
Family: Vienna Masaki(Wife), Takeshi Masaki (father), Ryan Ye (brother-in-law), Lily Ye (mother-in-law), Hiroto Ye (father-in-law)
Mana Color: Black
Bloodline: Masaki Family
Mage Rank: The Ascendant
Magecraft: Seated King of Black Mana, Black flames
Aptitude: Plus Tendency
Cast Speed: 85/100
Cast Frequency: 85/100
Cast Stamina: 90/100
Processing Ability: 85/100
Skill: 100/100
Addresses self as: Takeo

Takeo Masaki is one of the Legendary Six and was a major belligerent in the Second Great Magic War. Takeo is the son of Takeshi Masaki who was one of The Six Gods. Takeo attended Rosaceae Gakuen when he was 15 years old.


Takeo has a joking and teasing personality only to his friends, he's polite to people he just met, and he's arrogant to his enemies.He won't hesitate to help out his friends even when the odds are against him. He's often biased and would side with his friends.



Takeo from ages one through five was a normal kid, but he was soon recognized as a genius when he started practicing magic. He had a large Mana pool, used spells fast, and he could cast spells efficiently. When he was ten years old his mother passed away so he got her Phenomenon Rewriting Staff named the "Necklace of Masaki" which multiplied the strength in his spells.

When Takeo was awakened by the Red Cloaks a large amount of spikes from dark energy shot outwards which soon formed a large amount of swords that stabbed into him; when he got stabbed by them, Takeo absorbed it and he felt the feeling of command and strength throughout his whole body. He was nicknamed "Lost King of Black Mana" by the Red Cloaks.

Enrollment Into Rosaceae Gakuen

At the age of fifteen Takeo enrolled into one of the first magic schools and the only magic school in Central, Rosaceae Gakuen. While enrolling Takeo got a high score in almost everything and got placed as a Rose class. He meets Ryan Ye in the rose class and Ryan would later become one of his best friends and also his brother-in-law.

When they first enrolled they were 'rude' to one of their teachers by not calling her ma'am, a group of students mocked them. This resulted in Takeo losing his temper after a few insults, he challenged the whole class of 42 students with Ryan and they were victorious after it. After this Takeo headed to the cafeteria but he forgot to bring food, he met Vienna Ye who gave him a bento box and he learned that he got the nicknames "Black Demon, Spawn of Hell, Secret Warlock, and Devil."

Placements and the First Tournament

During the placement tournament Takeo, Ryan and another rose class mage named Kasai Masato participated. They were insulted again by another class of rose mages, the 3 of them challenged that whole class and defeated every single member and maiming a single one. They were disqualified because of their refusal to fight one another, resulting in Takeo being placed 50, Ryan 49, and Kasai 48.

In the later placements Takeo and Vienna fought, When they fought Takeo was surprised by Vienna's large amount processing ability for a Thorn and had his magic sealed he was forced to fight hand to hand and in the end they were both placed second. All the remaining contestants are knocked out by a girl named Celia who was in hiding throughout the whole fight. In the end Takeo and Vienna were both placed second.

The Red Chalice

After the Placement Tournament and his rose class which consisted of Vienna(who ranked up from being in top 10), Ryan, Kasai, Soren, Estelle and along with a few other people had to go raid a dungeon which contained an artifact named The Red Chalice. Along the way there were several traps and enemies but the group managed to get through to the end. At the end they were confronted by a being called a Nachzehrer that could absorb all

Takeo, 16

types of magic. They defeated it without using magic and went to grab the Red Chalice, when suddenly a high-ranking member of The Fellowship also known as The Voice of Death. But Takashi, Haze, and Iayo show up to force him to retreat.

When they gain The Red Chalice, they activate it and find out it's a program named Cerridwen. Cerridwen introduces itself and grants the group 10 wishes, but only 2 were used on Kasai Masato and Takeo, Kasai wished for Cerridwen to remove the limiers on his brain while Takeo wished to increase his reflexes. The others did not wish for anything. The Red Chalice was then given to the librarians of Rosaceae Gakuen.

Powers and Abilities

Takeo was a talented and one of the strongest mages in Rosaceae Prime because of his naturally high Cast speed, Cast Frequency, Cast Stamina, and Processing Ability. Takeo also had an insane amount of physical strength, being able to send people flying through walls with a simple punch.


Fire Magic: Takeo was extremely skilled in Fire Magic and could flexibly use it in several ways.

  • Heavenly Flame Descent: Takeo gathers a large amount of fire in the air and sends it downwards, it is strong enough to send half of the middle of North Firenze to dust.
  • Flame Ascension: Takeo generates fire under the enemy and sends it flying up to disintegrate the enemy starting from the bottom.
  • Lights up: Takeo heats the air around an enemy, and fires burst out everywhere to burn them alive.

Darkness Magic: Takeo learned how to use darkness from Takeshi and could completely overpower anyone else in darkness magic, excluding Takeshi

  • Light Bringer: Takeo absorbs all the surrounding darkness which would empower both his magic and body, and the surrounding would get more light from all the darkness being absorbed.
  • Shadow Travel: Takeo teleports to any place with darkness and could go across the planet in a second.
  • Thousand Rain: Thousands of darkness spears form in the sky and rains down towards the enemy

Black Mana: Takeo was named the Lost King of Black Mana when he first got awakened, he could use a large amount of Black Mana and he could control the Black mana in the area.


(Takeo to Arthur Von Edelweiss The First) "Bow down? The only place I have in front of you is above."

(Takeo to Ryan) "Ryan, we will not lose, rather, it is illegal for us to lose, I have one word now, Win."

(Takeo to a group of students)"Calling me a demon huh, want me to play that role.?"