Universe Hexapla character
Soren Orsus Von Edelweiss
Pics or it didn;t happen
Also known as: That Soren Kid, Conqueror of The Forbidden Black Wind
Franchise: Tales of Alchemilia
Appears in: Rosaceae Gakuen: A School to Save The World
Character type: Wind Mage
Affiliation: Legendary Six, Red Cloaks
Mana Affinities: Air
Gender: Male
Birthday: 10/06/2040
Height: 5"9
Dislikes: Not being efficient
Talents: Procrastination
Bloodline: Edelweiss Family

Soren von Edelweiss was a belligerent in the Second Great Magic War. He's also a member of the Legendary Six. Soren attended Rosaceae Gakuen when he was around 15 years old.


Lazy. A little hostile at some points. Overall he's nice guy.



Slightly above average kid. He