Rosaceae Prime (also known as Universe Hexapla or Skythia), is one of the many Universes that resides in the Alchemilia Omniverse. The Universal Constants in Rosaceae Prime were fairly basic and were nearly identical to three-fifths of the other constantly generated Universes in Alchemilia.


Rosaceae Prime was given its designation for the first iteration of an Alchemilia Universe to be touched by a Guardian of Truth, granting the denizens of the Universe the ability to cause Phenomena Interventions. Afterwards, when a person had reached the level of "L", many events transpired in Rosaceae Prime until its eventual downfall by the Empire of Sol. This is a list of important events that occurred in Rosaceae Prime:

  • The Skythia Incident
  • The First Great Magic War
  • The Second Great Magic War
  • Subjugation by the Empire of Sol

Universal Constants and Laws

Rosaceae Prime operated under traditional Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics, with a slight variation after a Guardian of Truth inserted a new fundamental force designated as Mana. This caused denizens to be able to alter, circumvent, or bend some laws of Classical Mechanics to a certain extent. The exact parameters of the Universal Constants were not known.

Notable Individuals