Rosaceae Gakuen was the first school of Magic ever formed on Rosaceae Prime. It had a strict curriculum and was secretly run by Lily Ye, the Progenitor of Magic in her Universe.

Class System

Rosaceae Gakuen was unique in that it introduced a ranking system for students. It had a school wide ranking system from Rank 1 to however many students were in the intake, with the first intake allowing the lowest rank to be 100. Asides from that, it also had a system that classified each student by their Magical ability with the names being Thorn, Petal, and Rose.


Rosaceae Gakuen was known for its Dungeons that the faculty used to train aspiring Magi. They also had a large arena that served as the stage for a battle royale near the end of a Ranking Battle. Asides from these notable facilities, Rosaceae Gakuen had state-of-the-art swimming pools, soccer fields, and other recreation facilities. It is also interesting to note that the school was held afloat in the air by a giant Transportation Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (TPRS) known as The Crystal of Elysium.

Notable Alumni