A Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (PRS) is a tool utilized for Magic within Universe Hexapla.

Composition and Form

A Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (PRS) can take the form of virtually any object that the Mage desires; however, all PRS contain an object known as a Philosopher's Stone which is able to store and Trigger Mana at the will of the Mage. Furthermore, each PRS is attuned to a Mage, meaning that a PRS cannot be easily stolen and used unless passed down by the original Mage.


Phenomenon Rewriting Staves (PRS) are not limited only to one type, but several. There are three distinct types of PRS that denizens of Universe Hexapla used in order to harness the power of Mana:

  • Combat Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (CPRS)
  • Transportation Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (TPRS)
  • Non-Combatant Phenomenon Rewriting Staff (NPRS)

The CPRS' were issued only to military personnel and could Trigger an unlimited amount of Mana due to the quality of their Philosopher's Stones and were extremely dangerous. TPRS' were usually gigantic in size and used to propel transportation systems such as trains, boats, and airplanes. They could generally Trigger large quantities of Mana, but only for a certain pre-programmed function. The NPRS' were the most common forms of PRS' and mostly took the forms of common household appliances such as self-heating pans or pots in order to ease menial tasks, meaning that the amount of Mana they could Trigger was extremely low.

Casting Process

When casting with a PRS, the Mage's Telekenes, an expression of their Will on the world, will be transferred to the PRS' Philosopher's Stone, which causes an Opening Sequence (OS) to activate around their PRS, a holographic string of numbers that rotate around the PRS which is necessary to break down the Universal Constants. Then, the Activation Sequence (AS) is emitted around the PRS, replacing the OS. This functions to actually execute the Will of the Telekenes and when the Magic ends, the Ending Sequence (ES) rotates once around the PRS in order to de-nature and cancel any Triggered Mana, restoring the Universal Constants.

Preset Magic

Preset Magic, also known as Pre-Programmed Magic, is a set of codes pre-programmed into the PRS like a save file. This allows the Mage to load the Magic and then cast it without directing the Magic actively after it is cast.

Natural Magic

Natural Magic functions by having the Mage be actively participating in the manipulation of the Mana and controlling the Magic as it is cast. This requires extreme focus and can create more varied results than Preset Magic.

Known PRS

  • Grey Scarf of Abraxas/CPRS (Vienna Ye)
  • Necklace/CPRS (Takeo Masaki)
  • Thanatos' Pendant/CPRS (Takeshi Masaki)
  • Twin Chakrams/CPRS (Ryan Ye)
  • Bracelet/CPRS (Estelle Ye)
  • Disc/CPRS (Soren von Edelweiss)
  • The Nemean Coat/CPRS (Yamato Akukami)
  • Soul Daggers of Tartarus/CPRS (Hiroto Ye)
  • Merlin/CPRS (Lily Ye)
  • The Crystal Of Elysium/TPRS (Rosaceae Gakuen)
  • Apollo's Shot/CPRS (Great Khan Xaras Ihe Khaan)
  • Blades of Truth/CPRS (God Emperor Sin von Edelweiss)
  • Snow Bride Regalia/NPRS (Princess Sylvia von Edelweiss)
  • Caladbolg/CPRS (King Uriel von Edelweiss)
  • Millenium Crystal Focus/CPRS (Harold von Edelweiss)