Magic (魔法) is the act of rewriting natural phenomena through the use of Mana by a Magus. Magic is directly derived from the essence of Fate; however, the method of use and effects differentiate between separate Universes of Alchemilia.


The first discovery of Magic occurred simultaneously between all Universes within Alchemilia by people with the moniker of "L". Despite the methods of discovery varying between Universes, all ended up with the end result of being able to sense and harness a fifth fundamental force known as Mana.

The most notable discovery was within Universe Hexapla where the inception of Magic was brought upon by a foreign object crashing into the planet which "L" resided on, a direct intervention by Fate itself.


Magic can be used through devices that are capable of Triggering/Influxing Mana to rewrite natural law that have been pre-established by the Universal Constants present in each Universe. The currently known devices are:


There are three main usages of Magic which are primarily Combat, Transportation, and Commonplace. Combat Magic primarily affects the fabric of Reality itself in order to impose new laws upon the Universal Constants to create Phenomena that could not normally occur whereas Transportation Magic affects the direct surrounding matter of the Mana being triggered/influxed and only bend laws of the Universal Constants. Commonplace Magic is the most simple in which it only affects the device being Loaded with Mana and merely accelerates the flow of a Universal Constant.