Lost Queen of Black Mana is a title given to certain individuals across Alchemilia that are able to take in large quantities of Fate's energy and potentially become a conduit for Fate. The appearance of a person bearing this title usually signifies the coming of great change.

Variations and Abilities

When the Lost Queen of Black Mana is first discovered, they assume the prefix of "Lost", as they have just been found, usually through Awakening. This means that the title-bearer is not fully aware of her role yet and have not unlocked their full potential.

After a memorable or traumatizing event, the title-bearer will experience a change within them due to all the years of their body passively gathering Mana and become the Returned Queen of Black Mana, granting them access to a larger amount of abilities such as being able to perceive the world through the eyes of Fate and also see the movement of all Mana in their vicinity.

Once the title-bearer has fully realized their role, their eyes will turn a stark crimson red and their hair become a lustrous pure black, signalling their arrival as the Seated Queen of Black Mana. This essentially causes them to become a conduit for Fate and able to manipulate Mana in any way they see fit. Under the most dire circumstances, it is said that the title-bearer can cause Fate to possess their body and become an Avatar of Fate, giving them godly powers for a brief amount of time.

Known Queens of Black Mana

  • Celica Auron I (Seated Queen of Black Mana, The First/Rosaceae Prime)
  • Arelia di Ratis II (Lost/Returned/Seated Queen of Black Mana, The Second/Rosaceae Secunda)
  • Vienna Ye (Lost/Returned/Seated Queen of Black Mana, The Third/Rosaceae Prime)