Universe Hexapla character
Lily Ye
Also known as: L, The First Magus, The Progenitor, Silver Fairy, Fairy of a Thousand Miracles, Ye Xiao Dong, Dr. Lady Lily Ye The Most Noble Order of the Garter, VC, MD, Ph.D, DD, D.Litt, D.SocSci, DU, JD, Ed.D, Eng.D, JSD, LLD, SJD, DDS, DNP, DO, DSW, DVM, OD, PharmD, PsyD, FRSE, FRGS, FRSA, AR, PC, QHP, GBE, GCB White Scarf
Franchise: Tales of Alchemilia
Appears in: Skythia, Rosaceae Gakuen: A School to Save The World
Character type: Nigh-Omnipotent
Affiliation: Herself, Ye Family, Fate
Mana Affinities: All
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 25th, 2024
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 43 kg
Blood type: AB-
Place of Origin: China
Armament: Merlin
Likes: Salmon Ikura Don, Tea, Hiroto
Dislikes: Idiots, Freeloaders
Talents: Absolute Intellect, Hyper Mind, Hypercompetence, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Intuitive Aptitude, Hypercognition, Numerical Precision, Mechanical Intuition, Flawless Coordination, Intelligence Infinitum, Pattern Sense, Omnicompetence, Peak Human Condition, Instant Learning, Neuro-Psychic Knowledge, Panmnesia, Body Supremacy, Maximum Brain Capacity, State of Mind
Family: Hiroto Ye (Husband), Ryan Ye (Son), Vienna Ye (Daughter), Takeo Masaki (Son-in-law), Neku Ye (Brother)
Mana Color: White/Silver
Bloodline: Ye Family
Mage Rank: 『 』
Magecraft: All
Aptitude: Plus Tendency
Cast Speed: ∞/100
Cast Frequency: ∞/100
Cast Stamina: ∞/100
Processing Ability: ∞/100
Skill: ∞/100
Addresses self as: L
Strong against: All
Weak against: None

Lily Ye was the Progenitor of Magic in Rosaceae Prime and also a major belligerent in the First Great Magic War. She also influenced some events in the Second Great Magic War, but did not participate directly. She is also the Ye Family Head, a member of the Six Gods, and the mother of Vienna Ye and Ryan Ye.


As a teenager, Lily exhibited a passion for science and was quite an energetic girl who had what seemed like a magnetic aura that drew others in. Even as a child, when adults were skeptical of her groundbreaking theories, she managed to draw them in and convince them through her cheerful disposition and overwhelmingly charming aura. As an adult, Lily's personality grew more jaded and she exuded a sense of magnanimity coupled with the appearance of being extremely enigmatic. However, her underlying personality remained the same and she was known as a caring and fun mother by her children.



Lily was originally born in a lower-middle class family in China where she lived her infant years. She was hailed as a prodigy as early as the age of two and began making immense contributions to multiple fields of study in Humanities, Sciences, and the Arts. Her most notable contributions were in the fields of Medicine and Physics where she performed acts that were previously thought impossible.

Overall, the scientific advancements of humanity were accelerated by at least two thousand years due to Lily's contributions and were continuing up to the point where Lily became the Progenitor of Magic, which inadvertently cast the world into a third World War.

Early Years

When Lily was at age the of two, she was already able to speak twenty different languages fluently and perform complex algebraic equations. At the age of four, she had mastered every instrument and hailed as the bringer of a new age of music. However, Lily's interests were not in music, but rather focused in the areas of Philosophy and Physics. Wanting to create a better world, Lily began to create theses and submit these to Universities, giving her rapid publicity and fame for the audacity and logic of her works. She soon went on to reform the governmental system, uniting all countries into a single constitutional monarchy with representatives actually elected by the people while still possessing the needed traits for their role. Following this time, she was then employed by a pharmaceutical company where she created many cures to previously incurable diseases while working a side job as a Head Doctor in a prestigious hospital. She was at the age of seven while this occurred.

Lily was also interested in martial arts around the age of eight and took an unpaid leave from her jobs in order to travel around the world to master all forms of martial arts, which she accomplished in a year and a half, becoming the planet's strongest warrior in record time. During her travels when she stopped in Great Britain, she was suddenly called upon by the Queen of England in order to serve as her personal surgeon during her stay. It was at this time where an assassination attempt was made on the Queen, which forced Lily to utilize her newly acquired combat skills to aid the Queen in her escape. Following their exit from Buckingham Palace, Lily offered to stay behind and risk her life to stop the assassins' pursuit, which the Queen protested, but was forced to accept. Overcoming unfathomable odds against armed assassins, Lily emerged victorious with not even a flesh wound to show for it, leading her to be given the greatest honors possible in Great Britain.

Afterwards, Lily went on to participate in experiments regarding the human psyche and neurology, which caused her to fall deeply in love with the idea of the generation of a dream world or interface that every human could enjoy when they were in times of despair.

Teenage Years

During her teen years, Lily spearheaded an operation known as Project Uplink which was designed to create a full-immersion virtual reality device that would be affordable and accessible to the general public. After many grueling tests and failures, Lily and her team finally managed to create a working prototype which they tested on humans locked in a comatose or vegetative state at the hospital where she was formerly employed. Unknowingly, one of these test participants was a boy named Hiroto Ye who would become one of the most well acclimatized to virtual reality due to his condition of multiple sclerosis. It was also during this time where the Project Uplink team created multiple open-source games for the test participants which were then improved on by external companies, leading to the release of the first full-immersion virtual reality multiplayer experience known as Skythia.


With the release of Skythia, Lily herself also became a frequent player; however, she was forced to conceal her identity. The system in Skythia was designed to obtain a complete biological diagram of your body via the brain, making it so that it would be impossible to create an avatar of opposite gender, nevertheless, Lily's avatar was automatically generated for her and turned out to be a male. What was more perplexing in this situation was the avatar's lack of stats, but its exceptional combat ability and strange attacks that seemingly deleted data that was supposed to be anchored in the game. As always, Lily became extremely curious about this phenomenon and went on to discover others with automatically generated avatars, meeting Takeshi Masaki and Iayo Eshida. She later met another boy with an automatically generated avatar who went by the name of Haze Masato, which led to the four of them clearing the game's hardest bosses. After gaining publicity, the four began challenging other players in player-versus-player combat and defeating them with ease until Lily encountered a boy known as Hiroto who was the first to put up any kind of challenge. It occurred then that Hiroto was part of the original test subjects for Project Uplink and was currently suffering from multiple sclerosis. On their journeys, Lily slowly fell in love with Hiroto who was slowly dying from his condition. Unwilling to let their relationship end on such a note, Lily worked desperately to create a cure for Hiroto's condition, barely administering it in time to save him.

Reaper Incident

After Hiroto was cured, the group decided to meet in real life more often and began to frequent a nice cafe that was generally in the middle of where everyone lived. During one of their outings in the cafe, they heard on the news that people had been dying without cause while playing Skythia. Concerned about this, Lily returned to the offices of what was Project Uplink, now known as the company Sora Entertainment, and requested a look through the records and logs of the game. She had eventually found what none of the employees could, which was a major security breach in the TruDive system that allowed a group of hackers to send signals to connected machines and overload them, destroying the users' brains. It turned out that the only way to stop this was to kill the hackers in game, which would also kill them in real life as they had to fully integrate their brains into the Skythia game in order to achieve this level of control over the system. The group eventually managed to track down the hackers and confronted them in combat while Lily worked frantically to prevent them from using their intrusions to remotely kill the group before they were defeated. When the hackers were finally defeated, they left a dying message saying that they were part of a greater organization known as the Reapers and that these incidents were far from over.

The Reaper Cartel

Following the Reaper Incident which made global news, Lily and her friends decided to investigate the Reapers and shut down their organization for good. It was during one day while they were investigating a crime scene that one of the investigators turned out to be part of the Reapers and used chloroform to cause the entire group to fall unconscious, getting imprisoned in some abandoned warehouse. Luckily, Lily possessed an implant that allowed her to contact any military or police force, which quickly arrived on her call and brought the entire Reaper organization crashing down. It turned out that the Reapers were actually hiding a diagram that led to a city known as Hyperborea, which was known as a mythical place with no factual basis. However, Lily found that the people that the Reapers killed had studied the myth and location of Hyperborea extensively and that their drug trades were actually a cover up in order to trade for ancient artifacts known as Keys, as described in the diagram.

The Creation of Magic

Soon after, Lily believed that there was at least some possibility of Hyperborea existing due to the fact that the artifacts mentioned in the diagram were present. Taking the artifacts with her, she managed to uncover that Hyperborea did in fact exist and that it resided deep within the continental plate that held up Greenland. It was here where she discovered objects known as Philosopher's Stones which would allow for the utilization of a previously unknown fundamental force of the Universe known as Mana, empowering users to create interference in phenomena around them. Following the release of this information, Lily began manufacturing items with Philosopher's Stones integrated in them, known as Phenomenon Rewriting Staves, which would allow for the easy use of Magic. An issue with this was due to the lack of Lily's foresight which caused nations to stockpile the Staves and begin segregation of the previously united government, leading to a third World War over the possession of the Philosopher's Stones.

The First Great Magic War

The third World War was soon known as the First Great Magic War due to the fact that it was the first war in history to have Mages involved in it. The incident was extremely destructive and reshaped the entire planet's continents, creating new ones and destroying old ones. Almost every country in the world participated in the war and many new nations were formed at the end of the war, with no real conclusion as the countries refused to remain united once more, even with Lily's advice. During the war, Lily served as a front line Mage, using the first Phenomenon Rewriting Staff ever, known as Merlin, which allowed her to cast Phenomenon Interference on scales never before seen. Eventually, the fighting had escalated to a level where not even Lily was sure she could control. Thus, Hiroto offered a solution by taking Merlin and donning a pure white cloak and mask, appearing in the middle of all the fighting and using a spell known only as The Incantation, which completely broke the will of all belligerents in the war and forced them to sign a treaty, creating peace between nations once again.

The Founding of Rosaceae Gakuen

After the end of the First Great Magic War, Lily had realized the volatility and destructive potential of Magic in the wrong hands. Seeking to rectify this issue, Lily isolated herself on an island in the center of the planet which acted as her base of operations. From there, she ushered in the founding of an academy for aspiring Mages from all over the globe known as Rosaceae Gakuen. Not only would the school act as a place for the study and nurture of Magic, but it would also create a centralized system that would unify the different nations that now held tense relations after the war. It was at this time that Lily had given birth to her daughter, Vienna Ye who showed an enormous aptitude for Magic even as an infant. Realizing that her daughter was a Slay Vega, Lily was forced to seal away much of Vienna's natural abilities and raise her in isolation on the island until she was able to control her abilities that were still quite volatile despite the seal placed on her. Within this period, Lily had also given birth to another child, Ryan Ye, who was Vienna's little brother. She noted that her son, though still powerful, was not as powerful as her first child, allowing her to send him away to live with Hiroto in Central. Though she regretted the decision, she did not wish for both her children to experience a childhood without a father. Soon, Vienna had grown up and her powers had become less volatile as she matured. Seeking to reunite the siblings, Lily then arranged for her two children to enroll in Rosaceae Gakuen in order to bond as well as nurture their Magical prowess.

The Second Great Magic War

Although the start of the Second Great Magic War was not as loud as the beginning of the First, it was just as chaotic. Originally beginning because of the destabilization of Central due to the revolt against the King, it soon spiralled into a global issue once the Holy Empire of Cyn saw an opportunity to conquer as much land as possible in a moment of chaos. At this time, Lily was preoccupied with dealing with the impending invasion of an unknown force that she had detected from beyond the boundaries of this universe, leaving her unable to deal with the sparks of the war. Though, she refused to simply sit idly, thus asking her husband to delegate tasks for the Red Cloaks to complete in the hopes of mitigating the effects of the budding war.


During the grand denouement of the Second Great Magic War, it was abruptly interrupted by an unknown force of interdimensional aliens; the very force that Lily had attempted to prevent from entering. Seeing as she had failed, Lily attempted one last stand against the invaders who were inexplicably powerful beyond compare. The planet had quickly fallen to the invaders' strange powers which seemed to bend or even completely ignore the laws of physics entirely. Lily's fate is unknown afterwards.

Powers and Abilities

Lily was indisputably the most powerful existence of Rosaceae Prime and possessed unparalleled prowess in all sorts of Magic. Additionally, she was well-versed in every martial art known to humanity and invented her own martial arts as a culmination of those that she had learned. Furthermore, she possessed the highest mental processing abilities out of all the members of her species as well as intelligence that surpassed all others. Ultimately, Lily was regarded as more of a God than a Mage, placing her in a completely different class than Mages.


Aether Magic: As the Progenitor of Magic within Rosaceae Prime, Lily's Aether Magic was absolute and could be used to create a myriad of phenomena that she desired. Lily used Aether Magic to an extremely deadly extent where she was able to exploit the nature of Aether Magic as the basis of all Magic in order to instantly turn all the spells of a billion Magi against them.

Fire Magic: Lily's Fire Magic was fundamentally different to that of other Mages utilizing Fire. Lily's flames were that of the heat which sparked the beginning of the Universe, allowing its intense heat to sear through all creation and tear the fabric of existence asunder. She utilized her Fire Magic in order to burn holes within the fabric of spacetime to delete events, restructure them, or advance them. Furthermore, she was able to create "bridges" within space by burning the space between two points in space.

Water Magic: Lily's Water Magic was extremely deadly, as she was able to control every form of liquid. Though she has not used it much in a battlefield situation due to her personal dislike of the "disgusting result" which appears as a consequence of her using the Magic, it is a rumor that Lily had once defeated ten thousand assassins while breastfeeding Vienna by utilizing her breast milk to behead them.

Earth Magic: Lily's Earth Magic was powerful enough to completely reshape and reform the continents of the planet after their destruction by the effects of the First Great Magic War. Furthermore, she was able to recreate celestial bodies which had been vaporized by the effects of The Incantation. Lily frequently utilized this Magic in order to generate chairs, tables, and cutlery of various materials when she was out and about.

Air Magic: Perhaps the most logic defying Magic of Lily's was her Air Magic. Fundamentally different from normal Air Magic, Lily's prowess allowed her to manipulate conceptual devices such as the "breath of life." It is noted that Lily had once revived billions of soldiers and citizens from the dead through the mere use of Air Magic. Though the exact technique that she had used was unknown, it is assumed that Lily's Magic extended far beyond the normal capabilities of Air Magic.

Mana: As the Progenitor of Magic, Lily was able to utilize all forms of Mana at her behest. Due to her connection with Fate, Lily primarily utilized a combination of Primordial and Ancient Mana, creating Fate's Mana.

Physical Abilities

Absolute Intellect: Lily possessed an intellectual ability above all others in Rosaceae Prime and was able to instantly learn, understand, and do anything that she had been exposed to only once. She was also able to make extremely accurate conjectures, predictions, and theories as well as discover the true nature of the Universe which led to her linking with Fate as well as the creation of Magic.

Absolute Condition: Lily's body was physical perfection and gave off an otherworldy aura to others observing her. Furthermore, she had complete and total control of each and every faculty of her body. She was able to exert forces great enough to shatter mountains as well as move celestial objects out of orbit. It is said that no weapon can penetrate through her flesh.

Martial Arts: Lily had mastered all forms of martial arts known to humanity at a young age. She later went on to create the Ye Family Martial Arts which blended the most useful and practical techniques of all martial arts together as well as incorporating scientific and psychological elements necessary for threat evaluation, trajectory prediction, and force appliance.