The Omniversal Symbol of "L".

"L" is the collective name given to all of the Magic Progenitors across Alchemilia due to the fact that all Progenitors of Magic share a name that starts with the letter. There are certain conditions that must be present in order for an "L" to be chosen. The "L" of each universe is extremely powerful and usually is the strongest Mage in that universe.

Conditions to manifest "L"

There are four main conditions to manifest "L" in any given Universe:

  1. The Universe must have at least one planet that has progressed into the Information Age.
  2. The Universe must have a planet that has realized technology capable of sub-light speeds.
  3. The Universe must have a planet that has realized that Monarchical governments function well and have reverted to them.
  4. The Universe must have a planet with a genius that is unconditionally undisputed and capable of advanced thought processes that rival or surpass the combined power of exactly nine billion and one brains that can operate at one-hundred percent of its total functioning capabilities.

"L" in Rosaceae Prime


Lily Ye's evolution as she became "L".

The "L" in Rosaceae Prime was known by the moniker of Lily Ye and was aware of her role as "L" in her universe. She possessed unnatural beauty after the realization of her role and became close to ascending into a godlike figure that could reside in Alchemilia's space. However, before her realization, she was impossibly genius and mastered all arts and sciences with but a single glance. Almost all of her planet's inventions were attributed to her and there was never a single problem that she could not solve almost immediately. Later, she was able to create devices that could allow commoners to harness Magic and also create a parallel universe. She was the single most powerful Mage in her universe and completed the mission given to her as "L."

Her statistics as "L" are:

  • IQ: Incalculable. Probably residing around 10^120.
  • Mastery of Planetary Arts: All forms of study possibly known by Humans were mastered and improved by her efforts. She did not manage to engineer dimension-transcending technology.
  • Ascension: This "L" did not ascend into a Guardian of Truth.
  • Mission Complete: This "L" completed the mission assigned to her by Fate.
  • Awareness: This "L" was aware of her role.
  • Resistance: This "L" failed to halt the invasion of the Empire of Sol.

"L" in Rosaceae Secunda

The "L" in Rosaceae Secunda was known by the moniker of Lazarus Ye and was aware of his role as "L" in his universe since birth. He possessed immense mental ability that is currently the highest of all his previous iterations. He becomes closer to ascension with each passing day and is able to learn anything instantly with a single exposure. In


Lazarus Ye

contrast to other Universes where the discovery of Magic was brought upon by foreign objects entering the planet of "L", he was able to sense the true nature of his Universe and was able to manipulate the Mana of his Universe without assistance, making him a Slay Vega. Almost all of his planet's inventions were attributed to him and where there were issues within his planet, he would solve them immediately. His true Magical abilities are not yet known; however he is among one of the most powerful iterations of "L". He is the single most powerful Mage in his universe and is currently working towards completing his mission as "L".

His statistics as "L" are:

  • IQ: Incalculable. Probably residing around 10^360.
  • Mastery of Planetary Arts: In addition to mastery all forms of study possibly known by Humans and improving them, he also created new forms of study and also expanded the population of his planet to other planets. He has not managed to engineer dimension-transcending technology yet.
  • Ascension: This "L" is nearing Ascension into a Guardian of Truth, but it is not yet confirmed.
  • Mission Complete: This "L" is currently still working towards the goal of his mission.
  • Awareness: This "L" is aware of his role.
  • Resistance: This "L" has not encountered the Empire of Sol as of yet.