Awakening is the process in which a Mage is fully attuned to Fate's energy such that they are able to utilize Magic on a whim without invoking Incantations or utilizing devices that assist in casting Magic. Such a process is said to be extremely painful, but also extremely rewarding as it allows a Mage to actually feel the tactile flow of Mana and direct it as he/she wishes.


Awakenings are done in various different ways; however, they all share the similarity of forcefully injecting the densest form of Mana within a Mage's body in order to force them to momentarily become "one" with the surrounding Mana, and thus elevate to a level where they can perceive Fate's energy.

There are special techniques created for the sole purpose of causing a Mage to awaken either through consent or through force:

  • Six Point Injection Hexagram (Used by the Red Cloaks.)
  • Preparing the Samsara Cycle: First Iteration (Used by The Fellowship.)
  • Instant Enlightenment (Used by Lily Ye.)

Slay Vega

It is also known that some individuals are born partially Awakened. These individuals are known as "Slay Vega" and are able to utilize Magic at a very young age.