Ancient Magic (古代魔法) is generally considered a lost art by the majority of the Magus Community. Ancient Magic usually revolved around intricate rituals and incantations in order to achieve a Phenomena Rewriting. Modern Magic is performed utilizing a cast assistant device such as a Phenomenon Rewriting Staff or a Quantum String Modifier which streamlines the process of Magic and initiates an artificial ritual and incantation to allow for faster and easier casting. Despite this, Ancient Magic is able to draw upon larger stores of Mana and can create more visible or powerful effects.


In antiquity, Mages were few and highly revered as not all Humans were capable of utilizing Magic. In order for a person to be able to conduct Mana within their body, they needed to be attuned to Fate, which meant only a chosen few could wield the power of Phenomena Rewriting. Those that were able to use Magic are known as Slay Vega (lit. Star Killer) as it was said that the power of even a child Mage could destroy entire Stars.

Usage and Techniques

Ancient Magic employed many different techniques to cast Magic. Some were designed for express casting whereas some were designed for large-scale rituals that could affect epic proportions of land. Nevertheless, all techniques stemmed from Incantations, which were known as the basis of all Magic as they were the direction of Human will condensed into words that could give orders to the Universe itself. Thus, all Incantations were made by individuals and were kept highly confidential and many techniques were created into order to make the reciting of an Incantation as quiet and quick as possible. It was also possible to counter or even make obsolete an opponent's Magic if one knew how their opponent worded their Incantations, thus it was imperative that Incantations were kept as Mage Family secrets, which led to the slow erosion and nigh-extinction of Ancient Magic.

Known Incantations

  • Thousand Bird Soul Rending Snow: "Limit of the thousand birds, damned souls that cry out, unable to reach Heaven. Shooting hands unable to grasp onto destiny. The road paved with thorns, the wind that moves oceans, time that rots the mortal away, there is no need to be hesitant, the world is balanced on my very finger. The Very Space Itself, eight dimensions, nine planes, book of Heaven, pestilent treasure, Samsara cycle, Gates of Heaven. Look to the distant horizons, shatter like shards of light and darkness when fired!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Eternal Damnation of Marethyu: "The crest of adversity, seeping out. An insolent vessel of insanity. Exploding outwards, lying, diverting, painless, blinking, disturbing peaceful slumber. The blood princess who stalks. The ash statue, ever crumbling. Unite! Oppose! Conquer the Earth, know your own impotence!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Snow Princess' Damnation: "My right hand is the stone that bridges worlds. My left hand is the blade that binds reality. God himself is hung from a chair. Stratus clouds come, and I strike down the Ibis!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Revolving Cannon of Heaven: "Beyond the end of a thousand souls, the hand of light that extends to heaven. The Archer in heaven that goes unseen. Road that lights the way. Wind that ignites the embers. Gather without hesitation, look upon my finger! Bullets of light. Bodies of Death. Rays of Infinity. Path of Heaven, Treasure of God! Great Wheel, Grey Turret, from a distance, shoot where I go!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Pharoah's Last Breath: "Gather around the supreme being with the cleansing black souls. Offering blood, a pact, and an altar. Fly hence the blackened heavens, my beloved ebon sacrifice! Offer the holy chalice to the evil spirit residing before the seal, placing the six locks that have been passed down since antiquity! Now close, coffin once lost!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Gate of Hell's Seals: "Brothers and sister in arms, withdrawing for the distance of eight suns and standing still; Blue bolt, white bolt, black bolt, red bolt; sinking into the Ocean to gain redemption!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Bare Skin - True Self: "You who is crowned with the name of Man, wearing a mask of blood and flesh! Flying on ten thousand fluttering wings with Thunder's Carriage and an empty Spinning Wheel, break one's Aura into six pieces, carve a twin Lotus on a wall of Pale Blue Flames, and await the Blazing Fires to reach the Distant Heavens!" - Ye Family, used by Vienna Masaki
  • Conqueror's Ultimate Heaven Crashing Temporal Genesis - Harbinger of Death: "Five seconds. Three, two, one, die." - Masaki Family, used by Takeo Masaki

Known Slay Vega