Alchemilia (玫瑰神宇宙) is the name of the Omniverse that the Rosaceae stories take place in. The Omniverse contains an infinite number of Multiverses and Universes where different alterations and observations occur in tandem, deciding the ultimate Fate.


In the beginning, there was only Tabula Rasa (白纸) and there consisted of not even was, is, or would be. However, among Tabula Rasa, there emerged a seed birthed from the Truth that there was no was, is, or would be. This Truth blossomed into a beautiful form known as the First Rose, which gave Truth sentience and with that sentience came the birth of the Omniverse, a myriad of thoughts and dreams that burst forth as a result of Truth's sentience. Upon realization that all was simply a figment of Truth's imagination, Truth called itself I Am (我就是) as none could defy Truth. With the inception of the Omniverse, I Am then fell into a deep sleep, shedding its petals and letting its imagination run wild, spawning a plethora of Multiverses that now comprise Alchemilia.


Alchemilia, being made up of primordial matter and energy, is an extremely hostile environment that few can survive in. Although the area within the Multiverses and Universes that comprise Alchemilia are relatively safe, the true space of Alchemilia can be simply defined as the space "between" the Multiverses, which is extremely volatile. Alchemilia is made up of several layers which consist of:

  • Dimensions
  • Planes
  • Logic
  • Causality
  • The Beyond


The Denizens of Alchemilia are few, but all are immensely powerful entities capable of affecting large parts of the Omniverse if not the entirety of it. Beings that reside in Alchemilia are:

Known Universes